8 Themes (1990)

Here's something published from the past - before the computer era. 4-Track to digital premiere.

This is a collection of compositions using partly techniques of "minimal music" which means having changes on repetitive and rhythmic motives. Sometimes very fast, sometimes not so. .

Philip Glass and Mike Oldfield are for sure influences but after all though it's my own style I hope. Instrumental -> for multiple electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, shawns, electric basses, melodica, hand percussion,

Everything recorded by hand - without MIDI!

Doomy Hell Autistic Landmark (guitars 1994 - 2017)

A collection of guitar tunes with Western Guitar and Electric Guitar.
Mostly only one guitar. All in a narrative and sometimes introspective style - from vivid to somnambulistic. All except one digitally recorded.

First half -> acoustic (more vivid) , second half -> electric (more introspective).

This is probably more about human expression than working with vstis and libraries.

Played without any help.

Old taped guitars (1981 - 1987)

Mostly all of this was recorded with a cassette-recorder (1981 - 1987). Some noise-reduction done afterwards. That's it. From a time without computers.
Strange - sometimes these days artificially noise is added for sounds to make them more retro - here some noise was destroyed.

Comprovisations, intimate creations and ideas: primitive, meditative, agitated, introspective - not perfect at all.

Played without any help.

Nur fort (ernste Absichten)

Rein - im besten alten Sinne - elektronisch geprÃĪgte Musik

released September 11, 1999

13 Tracks. 77 Min.

4-Track to Tape. Remastered

Korg MS-10, Stringsynthesizer, eguitar. kalimba. lexicon fx

RuckZuck, Nur fort I, Nur fort III, Nur fort IV, Spaceplace