Collabs& Remixes

fatagaga's radical noise  -> fanthomgaga
Bonecrooners (Thomekk & Fatagaga) Moonbabe (& some more)

Online-Collabos (KVR):

Riding on a fly (Thomekk with Mr. Blitz on vocals)
Pressure  (Thomekk, Legion Hush and Scoops)
The ChamberHymn Trio - The Rumble (Ixox, Mona, Thomekk)
314 West Oddmekks Street - Kavaroo – (Willy West – Oddbod – Thomekk)
Tired – 3 continent Collab  (Thomekk: : vocals, acoustic guitar; S.Hush: backing vocals, tremolo guitar, flute, strings; Watto: Piano, Rhodes)
Seen  (Thomekk & Watto)
Blues (Remastered by Singing Crane)

Very nice Remix of the GreenBeta-Track "No more fighting":
No more fighting ( ReggaeRMX by thma)

fgauer did a „cover“ or better some jazzy variations on a tune by Thomekk called „Glückliches Gesicht“ from the „Kleine Höhle auf dem Berg“-CD.
He amazingly changed the elements into something completely different. Thanks for this
Variations on themes by Thomekk – Glueckliches Gesicht (by fgauer)

Once upon a time there was a cover-contest at K-V-R
Luckily Pascual and Neptune interpreted my quick&dirty guitar tune "Liveisfastcomplicatedandlovely" in several ways: 
Pascual: fastlovely
Neptune: LifeIs