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Eiterschlangen war ein Cassetten-Musik-Projekt und existierte ca. von 1986 bis 1990.
Einige Stücke bzw. Tapes wurden auf dem Label Turnabout Tapes (Turn-A-Bout Tapes) veröffentlicht. 

Eiterschlangen was a tape-project from 1986 - 1990. Some tracks were published by the Label Turnabout Tapes (Turn-A-Bout Tapes) back then.

Improphony for one out of tune electric guitar (1988)

1988 - one tape-recorded live session solo-guitar improphony in the rehearsal room. Never published before. If you like Free Jazz (eg Derek Bailey) and free unconditioned guitars- then that's for you possibly.

"Metal machine music" (1975) by Lou Reed was some very long kind of loopish electric guitar monotonously effected drone. "Stahlwerk-Symphonie" (1981) by The Krupps was great as a huge rock noise piece. Both are considered to be out of place monoliths.

So this is also one: It is different. It is extreme universal noisy, heavy folk (versus rock, blues-guitar-schemes) - one extremely detuned and modified during playing electric guitar gives here the party. Sometimes it sounds like some ethnic instrument sometimes like an ominous monster. So there are passages where the tuning is controlled via fast turning of the swirls plus extreme bending of the losened strings and it sounds like a Dan Bau (sort of).

It's crying, frightening, disturbing, percussive, raged, calm - with lots of energies.

Welcome to a piece of music which missed to be put on some historical pedestal - where it should has its place.

Melancholia (1986 - 1990)

selected more melancholic instrumental tracks played by hands - done with a 4-track recorder (1986 - 1990) credits released July 20, 2020

Used instruments: Korg MS-10, Solina, Electric guitars, Concert guitars, Voices, Recorders, RX11

Scheppern und Beten (1988)

ambitious madness (concerning the lyrics and all) - songs and not so songs + noise

originally was intended to be brought out as a tape with this selection
Eiterschlangen widmen sich dem Tod in drei Stücken, Phase Pervers schlingt einen in eine eigene Welt. 

drum-computer, acoustic + electric guitars, electric basses, MS-10, solina, vocals, fx
All done with 4-Track-Recording in the days (1988).

Infantilia 1 (1986)

This is part one of a selected collection with noisy, absurd, synthiesh, guitarish and also vocalised tracks done in the ancient past on cassette (1986).

Only for the hardcore minds probably - as there is nothing polished at all. Which also was not possible the way the music was done these homerecording days ... what was recorded was there and could not be separated any more.
Everything was hand played.

All tunes were recorded via tape to tape, from one cassette recorder to another cassette recorder. Often this procedure was repeated so that more instruments can be heard for the price of lower quality of course.
Some Favorites: Die wunderbare Welt der Marghuerite Duras, Soundtrack zum neuen Leben. Jugaghurita

Infantilia 2 (1986)

This is part two of a selected collection with noisy, absurd, synthiesh, guitarish and also vocalised tracks done in the ancient past on cassette (1986).
No (drum) computers/sequencers/midi. Everything was hand played!

Mark Duruti Andante, Aloha Azora Garah, Ballet, Stück für Ringelsweide, Das Gnadenungeheuer

For the Brave:
Und wir klatschen in die Hände, Seli Christ, Wandalenpest, Lehrlinge der Ungeduld
Korg MS-10, Concert guitar, Electric guitar, Vocals

Die Wüste Ti​-​Amo (1990)

Rachsüchtig-aggressive Liebes-Klamotten verpackt in Beats gepaart mit Jazzigem und Schwermut.

Blutgeld, Die Wüste Ti-Amo, Weihnachtslied

einige der restlichen Stücke (nervig, hektisch, hysterisch oder auch peinlich) 

Digital 4-Track-to-Tape Remaster from 1990. 
Eclecticism is growing. Revengeful-agressive love-things settled in beats paired with Jazz and Schwermut. 

Artwork: Andreas Rauth

Ein Buhhaus/Zwangstat (1988)

Mini-Tape Kollaboration mit Phase Pervers, ursprünglich erschienen bei "Turn-A-Bout-Tapes" (Turn 020).

Ein schwerer Klumpen - für Hartgesottene.
Eiterschlangen widmen sich dem Tod in drei Stücken, Phase Pervers schlingt einen in eine eigene Welt. 

A collab with the Düsseldorf Philosopher Siegfried Fischer aka Phase Pervers, originally published by "Turn-A-Bout-Tapes".
A heavy-weighted one. Eiterschlangen devotes three tracks to death. Phase Pervers draws into his own world.

Welt voll Hurengesabbel (1987)

Multiinstrumental, hysterisch, vielstimmig. Sterbenskranke Lieder unter Nietzsche-Einfluss.

Ahnenbergung, Christgespenst, Birdies town, Leben so schön, Good morning Butternussöler

Mein Thomas, Unterm Deckel, Mutter Teufelin, Abschied
Ab wie Vieh, Koch und Esser

Not only masochistic deathly sick songs under the influence of Nietzsche. Hysterical, multiinstrumental 4-Track Stuff (with overdubs).

Aus der verlassenen Einsamkeit  (1987)

Ursprünglich erschienen bei Turn-A-Bout Tapes (Turn 009). Krude. Vorläufer von "Liebe", "Thomas Liebe", "Sonic Ensemble", "Thomekk" und alles davon drin, nur schriller, rauer.
Romantische Songs unterbrochen von Dissonanzen und Elektronischem. Mehrstimmige Vokalkaskaden treffen die No New Yorker-Schule und Pathos.

Und wir gaben uns den Rest, Das wortlose Glück, Fleisch, Rainy day, Mysterien

4-Track-to-Tape. Remastered. 
Romantic songs interrupted by dissonances and synth-noises. Multi-Voice-Cascades meet No New York pairing with teutonic verve.